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This Secret Ingredient Makes This Butter Cake Even More Decadent

This ingredient makes this cake even more moist and delicious!
Pound cakes, or butter cakes as it's also known, was named for the amount of each of its ingredients. The original recipe called for a pound (or about 1/2 kilogram) of these ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. Four ingredients made a delicious and ...

WATCH: How To Make A Butter Cake

This rich, buttery cake is drizzled with an easy-to-make glaze infused with lemon zest.
You can't go wrong with a butter cake! This classic butter cake made from butter, sugar, eggs, and flour creates a rich and moist yellow cake with a tender texture, courtesy of the air whipped into the butter and sugar. Butter Cake Takes 50 minutes plus ...

Lemon Chia Cake Bars Recipe

This lemon chia cake bars recipe is a healthy treat!
Flavor pound cake with lemons to give it a sweet-tangy kick. Once you master the basic pound cake recipe, you can easily make other variations, too. Here, chia is added to the mix. This ancient grain is considered a superfood because it packs a ...

Glazed Orange Pound Cake

Buttery with a refreshing orange flavor, this makes for a lovely tea time snack.
Buttery with a refreshing orange flavor, this pound cake makes for a lovely tea time snack. For variety, you can also try making it with fresh lemons or calamansi. ...

Basic Pound Cake

A tweaked, lighter version of the classic pound cake.
This wonderfully rich and buttery treat with its golden brown crust was called "pound cake" because the original recipe contained one pound each of butter, eggs, sugar, and flour. The recipe has been tweaked over the years yet the cake remains a ...
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