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This Is How To Make The Creamiest Leche Flan Using Powdered Milk

Dry milk is super versatile in the kitchen.
Sweet and creamy leche flan that also has the browned bitter-sweetness of the caramelized sugar on top is always a great dessert. Many have learned the trick to make their version of the creamiest and the silkiest leche flan. Famed pastry chef Heny Sison shared her own leche flan recipe and is easy ...

How To Use Powdered Milk In Baking

Always have it in your kitchen!
Milk is one of those baking ingredients that you either need or do not need. Cake (and cupcakes) recipes may or may not use milk instead of water in its batter. Unless you store fresh milk in your pantry at all times, you probably ...

Out Of Evap? Here's How To Make An Easy Substitute

If even the sari-sari store is out, get this instead!
Evaporated milk is an essential ingredient to leche flan, cheese puto, and other creamy kakanin recipes you want to make at home. It's this demand that can make it run out at your local supermarket or even your sari-sari store! If you ever have ...

WATCH: How To Make Cookies And Cream Pastillas

Pastillas is made even better with cookie crumbs!
The pastillas is a milky candy that was originally made by mixing fresh carabao milk and sugar together and then simmering this sweet mixture until sticky and incredibly thickened. The resulting dough was then formed into balls and rolled in more sugar. The classic pastillas candy is already addictive! ...
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