Mixing Bowl

A kitchen essential when you're mixing, whipping, folding and beating ingredients together.


This kitchen-style restaurant boasts one of the best steaks I’ve tasted and a simply yummy Roast Pork and Chicken

Spilling the Beans on Beans

Margie Gomez discovers that a savory serving of beans is all the ulam she needs

10 Ideas: Basil

Ten palate-pleasing ways to enjoy this wonderfully versatile and aromatic herb.

Tips for baking brownies

Here are a few tips in baking your delicious brownies.

Book:Culinary Roadtrip

Follow the Batali-Paltrow itinerary as they tour all of Spain in search for good food.

How to Measure Honey and Other Sticky Ingredients

Always have a hard time measuring honey? We have solutions to this sticky problem.

Made for Entertaining

Model and TV host Marc Nelson finally gets his dream kitchen.

Mr. Marketman

Just who is the mystery man behind the famous Market Manila blog? Know here.

Peachy Juban

The award-winning pastry chef talks about designing wedding cakes and the thrill of competing internationally.

This Week's (March 21-26) Food Holidays

A list of this week's food holidays. Pick a favorite and celebrate it with your foodie friends.

Prawns with Salted Egg Sauce Recipe

Load up on just-cooked rice when eating this dish!

Noodle-Wrapped Prawns

Got egg noodles in your pantry? You can wrap noodles around prawns before deep-frying them.

Prawn and Crab Thermidor

For an even richer version, top with grated Gruyère, queso de bola, or Parmesan cheese before baking.

Buttered Coconut Prawns

Craving for some plump prawns tossed in butter and coconut? Try this dish—it takes less than 20 minutes to prepare!

Kung Pao Shrimp Recipe

You’ll love that this shrimp dish is packed with flavor!
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