Never, Ever Wash These Food Items Down the Drain

Dispose these properly!
There are proper ways to dispose your excess food, and your sink should never be an option! Read our tips on what food items should never be thrown into the sink, and how to dispose of them properly.1 Cooking oil, melted butter, ...

5 Life-Saving + Helpful Kitchen Hacks for Christmas

Save time and effort in the kitchen this holiday season with these helpful holiday cooking hacks.
Hack your way into the holiday season with cooking and baking hacks for a stress-free noche buena. Food prep and entertaining are much easier with holiday hacks on what to freeze, what to make ahead, and the best way to prep your ...

Kitchen Hack! This is The Easiest Way to Peel Your Tomatoes

It’s easy: all you have to do is blanch your tomatoes.
Many recipes, especially those for pasta sauces, call for peeled tomatoes. This method is quicker and easier than roasting tomatoes—all you have to do is blanch them!First, score the bottoms of your tomatoes lightly. Bring a pot of water to a boil, ...

How to Peel, Slice, and Chop Garlic

Learn the best hacks and tips to prepping an essential base ingredient: garlic!
Garlic is a pantry staple that is used as a base aromatic for many dishes. Here's a guide on how to prep it from peeling, to slicing, to chopping! We have a hack for peeling garlic in large batches, and a simple ...
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