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No Food Processor? Here's How You Can "Finely Chop" Cauliflower And Broccoli

No need to reach for the knife.
You may not have the knife skills of a professional chef but that doesn't mean you should not learn how to use your knife better. You should learn and practice wielding your knife in the kitchen because no matter what task you need to ...

KITCHEN TRICK: This Potato Peeling Trick Will Save You From Hurting Yourself

No more scratched fingers and knuckles!
Have you ever scratched yourself with a peeler? We know we have!It's easy to not hurt yourself when using the vegetable peeler when the vegetable you're trying to peel is long and easy to hold. For example, carrots are easy to hold down since ...

Hate Using A Knife? Use This Instead To Finely "Chop" Vegetables

No knife skills needed!
Not everyone is skilled with a knife. While many of us handle the usual kitchen tasks using a knife with some dexterity, not all of us like the tedious nature of chopping up ingredients. That's why there are many products out on the market that ...

This Is How You Get The Best Flavor Out Of Lemongrass

Learn how to prepare this aromatic and citrusy grass!
Lemongrass has an intensely aromatic and delicious flavor that is widely available around the Philippines. Locally known as tanglad, the lemongrass is a tall, prolific grass that grows in bunches from a bulb. It's tough and stringy but its oil is used in many medicinal as ...

5 Bad Cooking Habits You Need To Break

Get out of these habits so you can be a better cook.
Admit it. You are probably guilty of one or even a few of these bad cooking habits. From not waiting for the pan to heat up to still using a dull knife, bad cooking habits are not only going to make your cooking a ...

Pinoy Fruit Salad Tip: This Step Will Save Your Salad From Turning Red

You need to do this every time you make fruit salad.
When you cook a dish, you may think you are merely cooking for the way it tastes.That's not completely true.When you eat a dish, you eat with your eyes as well. That's why we cook with flavorful as well as colorful ingredients. While ingredients ...

5 Smart Food Prep Tips You Should Use In A Small Kitchen

Find the space to prepare your food even in the smallest kitchen.
Small kitchens are notorious for having little to no spare space for the most basic of items on the counter. It's a difficult task when you have to prepare more than a couple of ingredients in your small kitchen since space is ...
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