Creamy Chicken and Spinach Pie Recipe

With a little help from pre-made puff pastry, you can easily make these chicken and spinach pies.
Love that chicken and creamed spinach combo? With a little help from pre-made puff pastry, you can easily make savory pies like the pros! Use lots of herbs and aromatics to make the chicken and spinach filling as flavorful as possible.  ...

Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe

This pizza recipe has an extra flaky crust made of puff pastry!
Homemade pizza just got easier: use ready-made puff pastry as your crust to cut down on prep time! Puff pastry can be found in all major grocery stores, just remember to check the aisle for frozen goods.  ...

YUMMY SHOPPING: Where to Buy Puff Pastry

This light pastry has lots of layers!
You’ve definitely come across puff pastry before: it is the light, flaky, layered pastry used to make tuna turnovers, jam-topped pinwheels, and simple savory appetizers at parties. The pastry is, essentially, layers and layers of paper-thin dough with butter in between each ...

Beef Wellington Recipe

This beef Wellington is sure to impress with every tender bite.
The time and effort that goes into creating this simplified yet stunning beef dish is worth every tender bite. You can find frozen sheets of puff pastry in the frozen aisle of your grocery.  ...
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