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Ube Brownies Recipe

Ube makes these brownies super earthy.
These brownies are not typical at all! Ube, or purple yam, makes these brownies a lovely purple and lavender hue that's a perfect indicator of what you're going to taking a bite of. Fudgy and earthy, this dessert is a fusion of the American dessert and our love for the ...

These Ube Desserts Should Get You In The Christmas Mood!

Have you started to hoard ube halaya?
It's that time of year again when the ube halaya desserts come out and become the dessert to eat this holiday! This purple yam is just the ingredient you need to make some of your favorite desserts this season.However, you should know that ...

WATCH: Fresh Ube Makes This The Best Ginataang Bilo-Bilo Recipe Ever

Purple yam makes this ginataang bilo-bilo recipe a gorgeous violet hue.
Ginataang bilo-bilo is basically a coconut pudding loaded with tender sweet potato chunks, saba bananas, sago, and rice balls or the bilo-bilo. Sometimes, langka or sweetened jackfruit are added for additional sweetness.  It's the bilo-bilo that makes this dessert what it is. Similar to the popular mochi balls, ...

WATCH: This Is How You Can Make Good Shepherd-Style Ube Halaya

The Baguio convent shared one of their ube halaya recipes and it's delicious.
When it comes to cravings, there are few things more delicious than having the real thing. That's why when Baguio's Good Shepherd Convent shared one of its recipes for the iconic ube halaya, we had to try it out for ourselves (this is from the ...

WATCH: How To Make Ube Halaya

The best ube halaya is the one you make at home.
It's sometimes hard to find ube halaya so when fresh ube is available, make your own. The best ube to use for is from Batangas because you can immediately see the deep purple color underneath the thin skin of the tuber. Peel it as thinly as possible ...
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