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The Festive Puto Bumbong Meets The Fluffy Taisan In This New Loaf Cake

This is not your typical puto bumbong treat.
We all know that as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the last day of August, it’s unofficially the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines. Besides the usual Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey holiday tracks we all anticipate ...

Meet The Puto Bao, A Not-So-Ordinary Puto Bumbong

What makes this puto bumbong different?
We all love a classic puto bumbong, whether it’s the holidays or not. There’s great comfort in biting into this purple-hued glutinous rice, served with a slab of butter, and then sprinkled with coconut meat and muscovado sugar. But with all the ...

You Can Now Order Via Mare's Buttery, Fluffy Bibingka For Merienda!

They have more dishes available on their enhanced community quarantine menu.
Are you dreaming of a warm, buttery, fluffy bibingka, a sticky, flavorful puto bumbong with muscovado sugar on top, or a bowl of creamy guinataang halo-halo for merienda? You’re in luck! Via Mare is now accepting take-out/pick-up orders of its best-selling classic Filipino ...

This Classic Puto Bumbong Ice Cream Is Finally Back For Christmas!

And a bibingka a la mode is new on the menu, too!
When it comes to Christmas, there is a lot of food that we indulge in because Christmas isn’t Christmas without it. There are the Noche Buena-musts like the queso de bola and the buko salad and the simbang gabi staple such as the ...

Puto Bumbong and Cheese Lumpia Recipe

Let these upgraded crispy cheese sticks make you think of the holidays.
Puto bumbong is a classic holiday streetfood. However, it's not best once it has cooled down and no longer fresh from the vendor. Why not use that streetfood and make it even better? Pair it with cheese and then fry them into crispy sticks. These ...

Yes, Puto Bumbong Cake Exists And We Know Where You Can Buy One!

Just in time for the holidays!
When one thinks of the typical Pinoy Christmas, festive food comes to mind. You can’t miss the simbang gabi staples like the bibingka, and, of course, the puto bumbong. If you’re a fan of puto bumbong, Lia’s Cakes In Season’s seasonal Puto Bumbong ...

Indulge In These Puto Bumbong-Inspired Desserts This Christmas!

We can't get enough of puto bumbong!
As early as September and October, stalls selling Christmas delicacies like the buttery bibingka and roasted chestnuts become the new normal in the Philippines. One of the famous, well-loved Christmas kakanin in the Philippines is the puto bumbong. The puto bumbong is ...

WATCH: Different Types of Pinoy Kakanin

Which one is your favorite?
BikoBiko is a chewy and sweet rice cake. Top it with lots of toasted latik.Puto BumbongPuto bumbong is cooked in bamboo tubes and is usually served during the holidays. Enjoy it with freshly grated coconut, butter, and muscovado sugar.Sapin-SapinThis sticky rice treat ...

Get Into the Christmas Spirit with These Puto Bumbong Pancakes

There is nothing better than Pinoy holiday food staples!
Christmas came early! On top of the Early Bird Breakfast Club’s awesome menu of all-day breakfast choices (because breakfast for dinner may just be on everyone’s list of favorite things), they have recently introduced an item that is reminiscent of a truly ...

WATCH: Puto Bumbong is One of Our Fave Holiday Food

Puto Bumbong, the local treat made of glutinous rice, always signals the start of the holiday season.
Puto Bumbong is made from glutinous rice with a distinct purple flavor. The mixture is poured into bamboo tubes and steamed until cooked and is traditionally served with butter, shredded coconut meat, and muscovado sugar. Ready to try making this holiday treat? ...
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