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ASK YUMMY: What's the best way to store bread to keep it fresh longer?

Make bread last longer with these tips.
                    What’s the best way to store bread to keep it fresh longer?A:  Bread is best stored in its original packaging (tightly closed with a clip) at room temperature. However, in warm and humid areas, mold grows quickly so it’s better to ...

ASK YUMMY: What is the Difference Between Gelatin and Gulaman?

Learn the difference between these two ingredients.
What is the difference between gelatin and gulaman?The main difference between gelatin and gulaman is their source. Gelatin is a protein substance derived from collagen found in animal skin and bones. Gulaman (known as agar or agar agar in English), on the ...

ASK YUMMY: How do I prevent my cast iron pan from rusting?

Care for your cast iron pans the right way!
                               Q: I use my cast iron griddle and sizzling plate a lot but I notice they rust easily. How do I take care of them and prevent rusting?A: To prevent rusting, cast ...

ASK YUMMY: Can I cook several dishes in the oven at the same time?

Learn how to multitask with an oven.
.Q: I'm preparing for a dinner party and I'm looking for ways to save on time. Is it alright to cook three of four dishes in the oven simultaneously?A: Cooking multiple dishes simultaneously in the oven is perfectly fine, as long as ...

ASK YUMMY: Should You Add Oil to Pasta?

Take notes for your next pasta dish!
When cooking pasta, should you add oil to the pot of water or not?The main reason why some recipes specify adding oil when cooking pasta is to prevent the noodles from sticking to each other. However, the result is a flavorless pasta ...
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