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Sipo Egg Recipe

This hearty quail egg and veggie dish is drenched in a creamy sauce.
Sipo egg, or quail eggs in a creamy white sauce, is a vegetable dish that we think can easily be a main dish.What makes this so good? Quail eggs! These tiny hard-boiled eggs are perfectly sized for a bite! Then, it's loaded ...

WATCH: How to Make Kwek-Kwek (Deep-Fried Boiled Quail Eggs)

These deep-fried quail eggs are always a street food favorite.
Did you know you could easily make those vividly orange-hued and battered eggs cooked and served on the street? You can! The best part is that since you're making it at home, you know exactly what goes into your version of street food eats. Kwek-kwek is ...
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