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Here Are All The Seafood You Can Use To Top Your Sushi Bake

You don't have to stick to what's normal.
The sushi bake food trend is a quarantine food trend that might be here to stay! This easy-to-recreate-at-home dish is a combination of sushi ingredients arranged in layers instead of in rolls. While that makes eating it a different experience, the wonder of this ...

This Is How You Can Make An Affordable Sushi Bake At Home

You can use canned tuna!
The sushi bake trend is here and it looks like it may be here to stay. While there are some scratching their heads why it is even called "sushi" when it's neither rolled nor bite-sized, this Japanese fusion dish is undeniably delicious and easy ...

Yes, You Can Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Using Pancake Mix!

You only need 6 ingredients.
A boxed pancakes mixe can be a handy grocery find. Did you know you can make not just pancakes but waffles with it, too? You can even hack the mix to make mini doughnuts, too! You can also use it as a replacement for flour when ...
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