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All The Unique Breakfast Cereals You Didn't Know You Could Shop At Landers

For a fun and fuss-free breakfast.
While a full plate of breakfast cooked with love and effort early in the morning is always ideal, some days just call for cereal. Whether you don't have the time or the energy to prep an entire rice meal, cereal is always ...

Croissant Muffin (Cruffin) Recipe

Croissant and muffin in one!
Here's a light snack that everyone will enjoy! ...

These Chic Toasters Will Add Vintage Flair to Your Kitchen

They're available in six cute colors!
Looking to spruce up your kitchen? Making your space look more appealing doesn't always need to involve a huge renovation or overhaul. After all, the best parts of any room are usually the little details. If you're thinking about making small changes to ...

WATCH: This Pork Giniling Recipe Is Loaded With Potatoes

Instead of using the usual frozen mixed vegetables, use potatoes instead.
Level up your favorite go-to pork giniling recipe with a flavorful and heartier version. This recipe, instead of using the usual frozen mixed vegetables, uses just patatas or potatoes instead. Plus, to give it extra flavor, we used fresh tomatoes. This is ...

Tortang Corned Beef Recipe

Stretch your pantry staples into a filling, delicious meal.
This easy corned beef omelet uses pantry staples you're sure to already have. Not only does it deliciously serve comforting, familiar flavors, it's also a great way to stretch a few ingredients into a larger, more filling meal. ...

Make Breakfast Exciting Again: More Ways To Cook Tocino!

We hacked the sticky and sweet breakfast tocino into something more delicious.
There are so many meals associated with breakfast that it can be hard to choose: cereal and milk, pancakes or waffles, bacon and eggs, or the classic Pinoy breakfast: silog combinations. The many silog combinations may be the most popular of all the Pinoy breakfast options. It's ...

Tortang Beef Giniling Recipe

Any torta recipe, like this one, is a fast and easy recipe that you can make in minutes.
Giniling (ground meat) makes a lot of dishes easier to make. This omelet uses ground beef and it's so fast and easy, it's a great idea to make for breakfast.  ...

8 Breakfast Options You Can Whip Up in 30 Minutes

Because breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.
If you’ve hit the snooze button more than once, you already know that you don’t have much time left for sitting down to a proper morning meal. Before you reach for a chocolate bar, check out our list of under-30 minute breakfast ...

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Young kids will love this spiced up version of oatmeal!
Young kids will love this spiced up version of oatmeal! ...

Pepper and Tomato Omelet

Start your day with a sunny, fluffy omelet made quick using a microwave.
Start the day right with this fluffy, flavourful omelet made fast in the microwave. ...
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