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Cinnamon Apple and Almond Quinoa Recipe

Try this warm, comforting pudding!
Packed with fiber and protein, quinoa is truly a super grain! Try this warm, comforting pudding—it’ll fuel you through the day. ...

Banana Quinoa Pudding with Toffee Sauce Recipe

Try using quinoa in this delicious breakfast porridge recipe with banana and toffee sauce.
Need a quick but nutritious breakfast recipe? Quinoa is a superfood that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Use quinoa to make a quick breakfast porridge and feel free to top the pudding with dried fruit, chocolate chips, and granola. ...

Vegetable and Quinoa Soup Recipe

Throw in your favorite veggies to replace those mentioned here—your soup will be just as delicious!
Make your vegetable soup more delicious (and healthy) with quinoa and your fave veggies.  ...

5 Easy Baon-Ready Grain Bowls To Try

Baon prep has never been easier!
The great thing about grain bowls is that you have the space to stretch that creative muscle and mix in different ingredients and sauces to get the flavor that you want. Is there anything better than fresh, crunchy veggies mixed with earthy grains like ...

Chicken and Quinoa Bowl Recipe

This healthy chicken recipe replaces rice, an Asian meal staple, with quinoa.
Looking to go the healthy route? Pair chicken with quinoa instead of rice for a change. This quinoa bowl recipe is bursting with flavor from fresh greens and vibrant herbs.  ...

Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups Recipe

These ham and cheese quinoa cups are both nutritious and filling. Perfect for breakfast, too!
With this nutritious ham and cheese quinoa cups recipe, you won’t have to skip breakfast—even on busy days. Quinoa is quick to prep, too. Try cooking quinoa in your rice cookers that you don't have to watch over it. You can also ...

Quinoa Salad Recipe

Make salads fun: place them in a jar!
Don’t limit your salads to just vegetables; make salads with healthy carbohydrates like whole-wheat pasta, couscous, or quinoa, and add good protein options like fish and meat, too. Don’t forget to try different dressings!  ...

Quinoa Pudding Recipe

Try this warm, comforting pudding, it'll fuel you through the day.
Packed with fiber and protein, quinoa is truly a super grain! Try this warm, comfortingpudding recipe—it has apples, cinnamon, and almonds that’ll fuel you through the day. ...

Shrimp and Quinoa Tabbouleh

Popular with vegans, quinoa packs a nutritious punch.
Often called the wonder grain, quinoa is low in calories but packs quite a nutritious punch. Prepare this recipe of Shrimp and Quinoa Tabbouleh. it’s loaded with protein, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and antioxidants. ...
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