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You've Got To Try This Viral Ramen Hack That Involves Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise

This will make the ramen broth thicker and creamier!
There are tons of ramen hacks out there, especially in the world of TikTok. One ramen hack, in particular, went viral on the platform which was originally uploaded by a Japanese YouTuber called Harapeko Grizzly.The original ramen hack involves a pack of instant ...

You Can Make Homemade Ramen With Just 5 Ingredients

Ramen can be made at home.
Making homemade ramen is not as easy as it may sound. Sure, you can open a package of the instant stuff and call it ramen but that's not why we go out of our way to have the real thing at our ramen places.However, there's ...

Adding This One Ingredient Will Make Instant Ramen More Delicious!

This ingredient is already in your kitchen.
One of the things you probably have in your kitchen are packs of instant ramen. It’s convenient, affordable, and delicious. But if you’re getting that “sawa” or “umay” factor from eating the same instant ramen every other day, we found out one ...
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