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All The Things You Can Make With Canned Corn

You can create delicious dishes using this humble can of corn.
Are you looking for more ways to use your canned goods? If you're tired of the same old dishes, you need some inspiration to get your cooking life back on track! Ingredients are one of the best ways to get encouraged to make something delicious. ...

This Pinay's "De Altang Delata" Series Inspires With Her Leveled-Up Dishes Using Canned Goods

Getting tired of your usual recipe for canned goods? This will inspire you!
This quarantine has definitely put our kitchen skills to the test. We find ourselves asking questions like: How can we stretch our food supply? What’s a good substitute for this ingredient? What can we cook with what’s on hand? And of course, ...

Recipes With Canned Goods You Didn't Think To Make

Canned food can make your dishes better!
Not all recipes need to use the freshest ingredients. There are many ways to use other ingredients that you have in your kitchen that you might not have thought to make before! Cooking is really all about your creativity in the kitchen and your ability ...

WATCH: You Can Make This Spicy Tuna Pasta In 3 Easy Steps

Plus, it uses ingredients you probably already have.
There's something really easy about making a pasta dish. These dishes are automatically easy to make! If you at least have a two-burner stove, you can even cook both the pasta and the sauce at the same time. This saves you both ...

We Used Canned Corn For These Comforting Recipes

You don't need to get fancy for comfort food with canned corn.
Who doesn't love corn? It’s sweet, mellow, crunchy, and juicy, and has that distinct flavor that connects us to childhood memories in an instant. So many recipes in our childhood make use of this delightful, accessible canned good. From mais con hielo ...
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