WATCH: How to Make a Red Velvet Cake

This moist and delicious red velvet cake is impossible to resist!
A red velvet cake is a classic dessert known for its bright red cake layers offset by a white cream cheese frosting. This red velvet cake recipe has a moist cake with a mild chocolate flavor covered in a rich and nutty cream cheese-almond frosting. Takes 1 ...

Red and White Velvet Cake Recipe

Add some style to your classic red velvet cake.
Give your guests a pleasant surprise when they slice into this cake and see the layers are ombre! This well-loved cake flavor goes really well with cream cheese frosting. ...

3 Baking Secrets Behind Deliciously Chocolate-y Red Velvet Desserts

Here’s how to make the flavor shine through!
Red velvet cakes and desserts are known for their bright red color, chocolate-y taste, soft and tender texture, and a classic cream cheese pairing. Red velvet desserts are rich, indulgent, and not to mention, pretty fun to eat!Using the right ingredients makes all the difference when ...

You Can Make Cookies with This Versatile Red Velvet Cake Mix from the Grocery

You can make cakes, cupcakes, and even cookies with this boxed mix.
Who doesn’t love red velvet cakes? You can't help but bite into super chocolate-y, red-hued, cream cheese-topped treats like it’s the last dessert you’re ever going to have. Scour the shelves of your grocery’s baking aisle for this winner grocery find: Maya’s ...
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