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Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

You can make this stunningly red cupcake.
A red velvet cake is easy to make. Make it easy to eat too by making the cupcake version.  ...

WATCH: These Brownies Are Dressed Up For Christmas

If you love red velvet anything, these brownies are up your alley!
A good batch of brownies are one of the best desserts. It can be fudgy or cakey, but either way, it's a decadent square of sweet dough in bar form.    These Christmas-hued brownies are the perfect desserts to bring to any party ...

WATCH: These Are The Christmas Cookies You've Been Looking For

This delicious cookie is perfect for the holidays.
Red velvet has become synonymous with the holidays so if you’re feeling the Christmas spirit, these are the holiday cookies you want to start making and give away before the season overwhelms you.These cookies taste just like a red velvet cake would, ...

Red Velvet Chocolate Rolls Recipe

These red velvet chocolate rolls with cream cheese frosting taste just as good as they look.
Top these red velvet treats with cream cheese frosting! It complements this chocolate dessert perfectly. If you're looking for classic cinnamon rolls, all you have to do is adjust the recipe slightly. Omit the food coloring and cocoa powder, then use cinnamon ...

WATCH: How to Make a Red Velvet Cake

This moist and delicious red velvet cake is impossible to resist!
A red velvet cake is a classic dessert known for its bright red cake layers offset by a white cream cheese frosting. This red velvet cake recipe has a moist cake with a mild chocolate flavor covered in a rich and nutty cream cheese-almond frosting. Takes 1 ...

Red Velvet Cheesecake Recipe

This dessert is a combination of creamy plain cheesecake and chocolate red velvet cheesecake.
This cheesecake is a dessert combination of our dreams: one layer of soft red velvet cheesecake, and another layer of creamy, luscious plain cheesecake. It's a treat worth making for all your loved ones!  ...
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