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Pinoy Ube Vanilla Charlotte Royale Cake Recipe

This British ice cream cake takes on local flavor!

WATCH: How To Make Mango Float With Leche Flan

We just made this summer treat even more irresistible!
A mango float, also known as mango graham ref cake, is super delicious already. Just imagine it topped with an irresistible layer of creamy leche flan! If that sounds delicious, you need to learn how to make it right.   Here are our best ...

All The Refrigerator Cakes To Make This Christmas

Use different flavors to make these more delicious and appetizing.
Refrigerator cakes are known by many names. Some know it as "graham float", most commonly made with mangoes, cream, and graham crackers. Others across the ocean know it as "graham cake", "freezer cake", or the old-school name "icebox cake". (An icebox was what ...

Mango Float With Walnuts Recipe

You can totally make this at home!
Here's a dessert that is fun and easy to prepare! ...

No-Cook Graham Cracker Bars Recipe

This is buttery, super crunchy, and not too sweet!
There's no cooking involved when making these bars! This recipe is like a refrigerator cake but instead of a cake, this is easier to make since there's no gelatin you need to cook or let set. Instead, the butter just needs to firm up so you can ...

3 Ways To Make Mango Float Cake Better

Your mango float cake can be made better with these tips.
When it comes to the mango float refrigerator cake, there is little that needs improvement. It's already delicious just the way it is! However, we think it can still be improved with a few tweaks here and there that can not only make it your ...

Test Kitchen: Make Brown Sugar Desserts in 3 Ways

Take this trend up a notch!
We’ve all had brown sugar before, so what makes the brown sugar trend so special? Why do we end up buying brown sugar-sweetened milk tea?That’s because the brown sugar trend isn’t just your average table brown sugar. Turning brown sugar, or in ...
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