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Test Kitchen: Make Brown Sugar Desserts in 3 Ways

Take this trend up a notch!
We’ve all had brown sugar before, so what makes the brown sugar trend so special? Why do we end up buying brown sugar-sweetened milk tea?That’s because the brown sugar trend isn’t just your average table brown sugar. Turning brown sugar, or in ...

5 Ways To Make Fruit Cocktail More Interesting

Let someone else make the fruit salad because we've got better ideas for a fruity dessert.
The holidays is the one time of the year you’ll never go hungry! With all the food that is on buffet tables, given as gifts, or part of a big feast, you can get tired of the same food served at these gatherings.That’s ...

WATCH: How to Make Fruit Cocktail Refrigerator Cake

This easy Filipino dessert only needs 4 ingredients!
Make this easy dessert at home! We used a 5 x 6 dish with this recipe. Feel free to add more fruits (we also love adding sliced bananas and apples, too!).  CLICK HERE for more FILIPINO DESSERT RECIPES. ...
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