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Is Your Milk And Cheese Stored In The Wrong Part Of Your Refrigerator?

Keep it fresher and store it right.
Remember when you used to store eggs in the refrigerator door because that's where the egg tray fit? That's the wrong place for highly perishable food, especially eggs which age even in the cold, to be stored. If you remember these tips ...

Foods You Thought You Should Refrigerate But Actually Shouldn't

Check your refrigerator!
We've all been ordering a lot of food for delivery lately, and it was helpful to rethink the way we store leftovers. But how about what we refrigerate? Many folks think it's a no-brainer: Produce should automatically be refrigerated, while dry ingredients ...

Smart Storage Hacks For Small Refrigerators For Under P200

You don't have to worry about space with these smart storage items.
Even the smallest kitchen has a refrigerator. This is just one of the major appliances in any home! Whether you live solo or have a family, the refrigerator will always be that one appliance that will take up the most space in your kitchen.  That's why the space ...

How To Make A Small Refrigerator Work For You

Is it time to buy a bigger refrigerator?
Are you having trouble with your small refrigerator? It’s not time to give up and buy a new one! Here are some tips so you can do to maximize your refrigerator at home: Often times, what causes us to question the size of ...
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