Here Are 7 Delicious Ways To Make Pinakbet

Pinakbet is a savory, umami-packed vegetable dish that you can cook in many ways.
Pinakbet is a well-loved vegetable dish. It's a recipe that combines homegrown vegetables —talong, okra, ampalaya, kamatis, and sitaw—into a vegetable stew whose flavor is bolstered by a good amount of bagoong isda.Many of us may know bagoong more popularly as a fermented shrimp paste but it's ...

Ready-To-Cook Bagnet And Chicharon Bulaklak Will Make Your Porky Dreams Come True

Plus, you don’t have to travel all the way to Ilocos Norte just to have your bagnet fix!
Chica’s Chicharronia, a small resto serving porky hits, has been serving its popular crispy bagnet, chicharon bulaklak, and other Filipino pulutan dishes since 2016. Now, you can have your pork favorites whenever the craving hits because Chica’s best-selling crispy pork now come in ...

WATCH: This Is How You Can Make A Local + Easy Paella

This is our version of the Spanish paella.
This Christmas, make bringhe, or the Filipino paella. It's a dish we transformed from a Spanish paella recipe but using ingredients that anyone can more easily get.It uses luyang dilaw, or fresh turmeric, to mimic the color of expensive saffron. It also uses malagkit instead of ...

WATCH: This Delicious Pork Pata Recipe Is Sweet and Savory

This pata recipe is delicious! It marries sweet and savory all in one bite.
This tender pork pata recipe marries sweet and savory wonderfully to create a dish that's bursting with flavor. The sweetness from the sugar and the sourness from the vinegar creates a delicious and interesting contrast. You also get a combo of salty soy ...

WATCH: This Is How You Make This Tasty Visayan Pancit

This pancit recipe is a combo of canton and sotanghon, and it's delicious!
Pancit was brought to our shores by the Chinese and we have adapted and transformed it into our own like. We have variations from the typical pancit canton version which uses egg noodles to the slippery and soupy version using the mung bean noodles sotanghon or ...

From North To South: Make These Dishes If You're Missing A Taste Of Home

Cook these regional favorites so you won't get homesick.
Few dishes evoke nostalgia more than regional favorites you grew up with. The unique flavors, textures, and ingredients of a dish made from what's available in an area not only creates a dish that's local, it also creates a dish which has passed ...

Beef Papaitan Recipe

You can also use beef tripe and beef meat for this spicy-bitter stew.
This unique dish is a popular regional recipe which traditionally uses goat innards. Not an adventurous eater? No problem! You could substitute the goat innards for beef tripe and beef meat instead! This gives you an opportunity to still try out the dish and ...

La Paz-Style Batchoy Recipe

When it gets nippy, have a steaming bowl of broth and noodles flavored with all-Pinoy flavors.
Little else comes close to a comforting broth such as batchoy. When it gets nippy, there's no better companion than a steaming bowl of broth and silky noodles flavored with all-Pinoy flavors.Batchoy, for those unfamiliar with the dish, is a chicken and ...
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