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Revel Bars Recipe

This is oatmeal and chocolate in a gooey cookie bar.
Oatmeal and chocolate is not an uncommon pairing but this cookie bar is outrageously gooey and super addictive. It's an oatmeal cookie dough is baked in a baking pan! It's covered with a gooey chocolate mixture on top with nuggets of more oatmeal cookie ...

You Can Customize This Dessert Box With Cookies, Brownies, Lava Cakes + More For As Low As P450

Perfect for dessert fans who just can't decide!
Craving something sweet, but can't decide what to order? No shame in that, every serious snacker and sweet tooth knows how you feel. There's certainly no shortage of sugary treats you can order in Manila from cakes like tiramisu and tres leches to ...
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