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These Meaty Rice Bowls Are The Answer To Big Appetites

Hefty, satisfying rice bowls always hits the spot.
Rice makes every meal super satisfying and rice bowls are the answer to effortless meals. Our favorite thing about rice bowls has to be the way it catches all the sauce from your ulam for your rice to soak in. No drop ...

These Rice Bowls Are Perfect For Meatless Meals

Extra rice? Yes, please!
If your definition of comfort food includes tasty Filipino ulam over a serving of white, fluffy rice, then you’ll find food paradise with Max’s four new Rice Bowls: Seafood Kare-Kare, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Chopsuey, and Spicy Tofu.Max’s Seafood Kare-Kare Rice ...

WATCH: How to Make Longganisa Hash Fried Rice

Longganisa and hash makes this rice bowl a complete meal.
This fried rice recipe with longganisa and diced potatoes makes for a satisfying one-bowl meal.2 tablespoons olive oil2 tablespoons garlic, minced½ white onion, chopped250 grams longganisa1 cup potatoes, diced3 cups cooked ricesalt and pepper, to tastecrispy garlic, for garnish1 Heat olive oil ...

WATCH: How to Make Kimchi Fried Rice

Love kimchi? Add the spicy and delicious Korean staple to fried rice.
Add a spicy and delicious Korean-inspired kick to fried rice by adding some kimchi.1 tablespoon vegetable oil6 slices bacon, chopped¾ cup kimchi, chopped3 cups cooked rice1 tablespoon kimchi juice (optional for heat)salt and pepper, to tastenori strips, for garnish1 Heat vegetable oil ...

5 Easy Baon-Ready Grain Bowls To Try

Baon prep has never been easier!
The great thing about grain bowls is that you have the space to stretch that creative muscle and mix in different ingredients and sauces to get the flavor that you want. Is there anything better than fresh, crunchy veggies mixed with earthy grains like ...

SNEAK PEEK: Eat Right in 2017 with Yummy Magazine

Eat your way to a brand new you!
Eat your way to a brand new you with good-for-you rice bowl recipes, guilt-free takes on great-tasting dishes, and more healthy recipes in the January issue of Yummy magazine.Grab a copy at bookstores and supermarkets, or purchase a digital edition: ...

Fresh Crab Rice Bowl Recipe

Heirloom red rice is a great wholesome option for this fresh crab rice bowl!
Heirloom red rice is a great wholesome option for this fresh crab rice bowl! Feel free to swap out fresh crab for sukiyaki beef, grilled chicken teriyaki, or shrimp tempura. ...

5 Delicious Dishes You Can Do with Leftover Rice

Give your leftovers a makeover: here's how to be creative with your fried rice bowls!
Do you always have leftover cooked rice? Put them to good use by giving them a tasty makeover! We have a few ideas:Taco Rice BowlTurn leftover rice into a Mexican bowl! Kimchi Fried RiceKimchi gives your rice bowl a spicy, delicious kick.Sausage ...
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