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These Are Our Best Tips To Make Paella + Ideas To Try

Make paella extra special with these tips and recipe ideas.
Having a celebration-worthy main dish like a paella is easy to order for delivery so you won't have to worry about how challenging it is to make. The good news is that it can be a dish that is easy to make at ...

WATCH: This Easy Arroz Valenciana Is the Rice Dish You Should Serve For Christmas Dinner

This brightly-hued homemade paella is easy to cook and uses everyday ingredients, too.
If you love paella, we bet you can make this special rice dish for Christmas dinner. This easy Arroz Valenciana recipe uses every day, supermarket ingredients to create a delicious and centerpiece worthy rice dish which you can serve for Noche Buena, Media ...

Purple Rice with Ham Recipe

Try a new recipe this week: this purple rice dish is high in protein and iron!
Purple rice is a high-protein ingredient! Use it for your next rice dish and try this recipe.  ...

Arroz con Pollo Recipe

Cilantro, garlic, and lime juice make a great team!
This rice dish has chicken, cliantro, garlic, and lime juice—their flavors are the foundation for this South American-inspired recipe. Round out your meal with fried saba or grilled vegetables. ...

Taba ng Talangka Paella Recipe

This rice and seafood dish is a nod to our Spanish roots.
This rice and seafood paella dish is a nod to our Spanish roots. Serve this delightful and tasty Taba ng Talangka Paella recipe in your dinner table in 6 simple steps. Make your dinner meal extra special! ...
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