Carioca Recipe

Recreate this popular Pinoy street food favorite at home!
Carioca are deep-fried rice flour balls coated with a caramel sauce. This version is home cook-friendly, plus you will love the sauce!  ...

There's An Easy Way To Make Kakanin

Plus, it creates the smoothest batter!
Always wanted to make kakanin (rice cakes) at home? Desserts with flour made of rice, unlike wheat flours, don’t contain gluten so here's an easy way to mix your kakanin batter: use a high-powered ,achine like a blender! Even if you beat it longer ...

This Kakanin From Mindanao Is Served To Royalty

It’s made from coconut milk, sugar, and rice flour.
There’s a kakanin in Mindanao that is said to be a symbol of royalty. Dodol is very similar to the kalamay, pastillas, and even inutak and is cooked the same way with slight differences.What’s similar and familiar to this Maranao version are the ingredients: coconut milk or ...

Filipino Ginataan Recipe

Ginataan or ginataang bilo-bilo is a sweet treat made with sticky rice balls.
Ginataan or ginataang bilo-bilo is a sweet treat made with sticky rice balls. It's a Filipino recipe that is often enjoyed for merienda or dessert.A classic ginataang bilo-bilo recipe contains a mix of many of the ingredients you love that's been made into minatamis: saba bananas, sago, ...

WATCH: You Can Make All These Easy Puto Recipes

We have all the recipes you need.
Puto, the Filipino steamed rice cake, is often served alongside savory main dishes such as pancit or dinuguan (pork blood stew). Traditionally made with rice flour, it is usually sweet and is enjoyed as a snack or merienda.The most common version is ...
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