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This Is The Difference Between Sotanghon And Bihon

Here's what you need to know to tell the difference between the two noodles.
Are one of those kitchen newbies who don't know the difference between different kinds of Asian noodles? That's okay. A lot of people are learning the different kinds of ingredients that they never knew before! If you are stumped when told to buy either ...

Pad See Ew (Indonesian Noodles) Recipe

Asian stir fried noodles are not all the same.
This isn't Pad thai! This is the Indonesian version of that popular stir-fried noodle dish. The main difference is the sauce ingredients. Where the pad Thai uses tamarind as its sour ingredient, the pad see ew uses simple vinegar to give it that tangy, savory taste.  ...

Everything You Need To Know About Making Pancit

Whether it's bihon, canton, or a combination of both, this guide will help you cook it right.
Everyone knows that the pancit is a staple of parties. It's the dish that signifies long life which we adapted from the Chinese. It's a staple as well for merienda. Whether you're looking to have a snack or need something more filling, the pancit can ...

Chicken And Shrimp Pad Thai-Style Noodles Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Sariwang sampalok ang sikreto sa napaka-sarap na sarsa na hinalo sa noodles.
Ang makakapal na rice noodles na ito ay hinalo sa matamis, maasim, at maalat na sarsa gawa sa sampalok, sarsa na made from scratch. Piniritong tokwa, togue, mga piraso ng manok, binalatang hipon, at piniritong itlog ang kumukumpleto sa bersyon ng sikat ...

WATCH: This Saucy Pancit Luglug Is Delicious + Satisfying

A homemade shrimp broth is transformed into a super appetizing sauce that tops thick rice noodles.
The bright and flavorful sauce of this pancit is made even more flavorful by the flavor extracted from the shrimp shells and heads to form the base of the broth. It's a fantastic way to maximize your ingredients for maximum flavor in your dish. How did we do it? ...

WATCH: How to Make Pancit Malabon

This festive noodle dish has so many toppings!
There are many ways to make pancit as there are ways to make adobo and sinigang dishes in the Philippines. However, there is only one pancit that's extremely hearty, lusciously rich, and incredibly loaded with toppings you can't even see the noodles underneath. Pancit Malabon is a noodle ...

Singapore Rice Noodles Recipe

This is Singapore's version of the pancit bihon.
This rice noodles dish is incredibly flavorful! It's bihon as we know it, with shrimps and asado pork tossed in, but flavored with curry. It's Singapore's version of our merienda favorite.  ...

Rice Noodles with Seared Tuna Recipe

Have some rice noodles with seared tuna for a quick and easy lunch.
Tuna sashimi is covered in sesame seed and seared to go along with some rice noodles and vegetables. This recipe only takes 30 minutes to make and is perfect for a light lunch. ...

WATCH: How to Make Misua Soup

This meatball-and-noodle Pinoy soup is always a comforting dish!
This meatball-and-noodle Pinoy soup is always a comforting dish! It's made with misua or fine rice noodles, pork meatballs, and vegetables. Make this soup your own by adding grated carrots for texture and garnish it with leeks.For the meatballs:1/2 kilogram ground pork1 egg1 ...

An Easy Guide to Asian Noodles

Know your noodles! Here's the lowdown on the most common noodle types in the supermarket aisles.
Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety at your supermarket’s Asian aisle. Here's a quick guide on the most common types of noodles:1 Egg noodlesThis noodle variety is made of wheat-flour dough enriched with eggs. You can spot egg noodles easily because they ...

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

For an exotic and rich noodle soup, give this Thai-inspired dish a try. The creamy coconut milk, infused with red curry paste, is a delicious base for the chicken and noodles.
For an exotic and rich noodle soup, give this Thai-inspired dish a try. The creamy coconut milk, infused with red curry paste, is a delicious base for the chicken and noodles. ...

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Kid

A cookbook guide for amateur cooks.
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