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Andok's vs. Rico's Litson Baka: Which One Is Better?

Who’s the Winner of the Litson Baka War?
If you're on social media, you've probably heard about Andok's Litson Baka You've probably even tasted it already. With Andok's latest product sweeping the nation, Rico's Lechon has stepped up to the plate to get a slice of the pie. Now, the big question ...

LIST: Where To Order Litson Baka

There's more than one place where you can order this dish.
The flavorful, juicy litson baka (also called lechon baka), or roast beef can definitely be considered a big, viral food trend during the pandemic, alongside sushi bake, strawberry doughnut sandwiches, and minimalist cakes. This trended when Andok's launched their Litson Baka that has the same ...

What's The Difference: Roast Beef (Litson Baka) Vs. Pot Roast

These two delicious beef dishes are different in some ways.
You are probably curious about the latest food trend: the litson baka. Also known as roast beef, this beef is commonly either cooked over hot coals or fire or in an oven. This needs hours of cooking to result in tender and ...

How To Make The Perfect Creamy Mushroom Sauce for Roast Beef

A creamy mushroom sauce is delicious with any meat!
Roast beef slices doused in a creamy mushroom sauce is the ultimate party food. In fact, when you want to celebrate, the roast section of the buffet is the most crowded. We totally understand. It's easy to make roast beef so why not allot some effort ...

Cook A Big Batch Of Any Meal So You Cook Once, Eat It Twice

You can save some of it.
Do you take time during your week to prepare your meals? If you do, that's fantastic! You're already ahead of people who need to think and cook on a day-to-day basis.If you don't prepare your meals in advance yet, there are ways to do this and ...

You Can Make Great-Tasting Roast Beef!

Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to a lip-smacking dish!
Roast beef is that one meat dish that instantly makes any meal more indulgent. All it takes is a good roast in the oven and a generous serving of veggies (or potatoes) on the side. When it comes to roasting beef, or ...

WATCH: How to Make Roast Beef with Vegetables

Make dinner with family and friends extra special with classic roast beef with vegetables.

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

A Yorkshire pudding is a savory pastry that is meant to be eaten with roast beef and gravy.
Serve Yorkshire pudding to go with your favorite roast beef recipe. Dip it in gravy for crisp, savory bites.  ...

Herb-Crusted Roast Beef Recipe

Make this roast beef recipe with lots of herbs and spices.
This herb-crusted roast beef recipe uses a beef short plate cut instead of the usual tenderloin. It is more budget-friendly and just as delicious for weekend roasts.  ...

Roast Beef with Dry Spice Rub Recipe

This fuss-free, succulent roast beef is the perfect party dish.
This fuss-free, succulent roast beef is the perfect party dish. The dry rub enhances the flavor of the meat and the dish does not need a lot of attention once it is placed in the oven. This versatile recipe also works with other proteins ...

Classic Roast Beef Recipe

Make your hearty roast juicier and much more mouthwatering by covering it in luscious compound butter!
Roast beef is a classic party food favorite. Make your hearty roast juicier and more mouthwatering by covering it with luscious compound butter! Enjoy this beef recipe with a side of mashed potato or buttered vegetables!  ...

Roasted Beef Tenderloin Recipe

This roasted beef recipe is a more festive take on an easy beef dish (marinate and roast!).
Parties call for extra special dishes and this roasted beef recipe is a more festive take on an easy beef dish (marinate and roast!). You can prep for the party while the beef marinates! ...

Coffee Roast Beef Recipe

Coffee gives your roast beef a rustic depth of flavor.
Coffee gives your roast beef a rustic depth of flavor.   ...

Slow-roasted Herb US Roast Beef Fingers

A favorite among MoMo! diners, this dish is a complete, filling meal.
Treat your family with this Slow-roasted Herb US Roast Beef Fingers. Served with light vegetables on the side for a perfectly complete dish. A favorite among MoMo! diners, this dish is a complete, filling meal. ...

How to Make Super-easy Gravy

Make gravy from scratch in less than 15 minutes, tops!
.Serve this with your steaks, mashed potatoes, even French fries! Photography by Miguel Nacianceno | Demonstration by Giannina Gonzalez of Center for Asian Culinary Studies Culinary School | Styling by Angelo Comsti ...
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