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Sugar-Free Banana Oatmeal Loaf Recipe

This is naturally sweetened!
Filling, healthy, and yummy, this banana bread makes a great snack for anyone watching their sugar. A slice of this is perfect with milk, tea or coffee! ...

Kilawin na Puso ng Saging sa Sotanghon (Vinegar Stewed Banana Blossom in Vermicelli Noodles) Recipe

This hearty dish is easy to make!
An easy veggie recipe perfect for the Lenten season. You can make it by omitting the ground pork and replacing it with any seafood of your choice. I also love adding fried tofu for an additional healthy protein source.  ...

Saba Con Yelo Recipe

Merienda just got better.
Saba Con Yelo or Minatamis na Saba, (Sweetened Cardaba Banana Plantain with Shaved Ice, milk, and pearls) is one of the best desserts in the Philippines. Filipinos surely have fond memories of having this dessert on a hot summer day. What makes it ...

WATCH: How to Make Banana Chips

Make a big batch of this very addicting banana chips recipe!
The key to a really satisfying batch of banana chips is to slice the saba bananas as thinly as possible (you may also use a mandolin) and to set it aside to air dry for at least 30 minutes. Saba bananasOil, for fryingBrown ...

WATCH: How to Make Minatamis na Saging

It's time to go bananas!
Minatamis na saging is a classic Filipino favorite you can make in minutes! Want Saba con Yelo? Simply add ice and milk!  CLICK HERE for more FILIPINO DESSERT RECIPES. ...

Ginataang Saging at Sago

The classic Pinoy minatamis takes an exciting twist.
The classic Pinoy minatamis takes an exciting twist. ...
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