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This Is How Much Salt You Really Need To Add To Meat

There's is such a thing as too much and too little salt.
Did you know that the closest salt we have to the much-touted kosher salt is our rock salt? The similarities are striking. Both kosher salt and rock salt are unrefined and (usually) are not iodized. Unrefined salts such as these usually retain the flavors, smells, ...

This Is The Simple Reason Why Your Food Tastes Flavorless

Restaurants have a secret, and it's why their food tastes better than yours.
Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and discovered that their version of a recipe you make at home is so much better than yours? There can be any number of reasons why this is the case. It can range from the unique or expensive ingredients ...

This Seasoning Tip Will Help You Avoid Cooking Salty Menudo + Kaldereta

Be mindful of how you season so you avoid overly salty food.
When you take a look at a recipe, it's not uncommon to find the words "to taste" at the end of ingredients, most frequently for salt and ground black pepper. If you've always wondered why this is, that's because everyone has different levels of what ...

A Quick Guide On Commonly Found Kinds of Salt + How to Use Them

What’s the difference between rock salt, iodized salt, kosher salt, sea salt, and pink Himalayan salt?
We often take our salt for granted, but it’s the miracle ingredient that makes every single dish flavorful and delicious. Salt is the key to giving sweets that extra sweetness, bringing out the natural flavors of a main ingredient, and even preserving ...

The Trick To Making Super Flavorful Meals Every Time

Don't forget to do this step!
If you're wondering if there's a chef's trick that makes restaurant dishes so delicious, we can say with confidence that there really isn't. What professional chefs have that many of us do not have is time. They have the time to make everything they ...

Why Salt And A Little Lemon Juice Makes A Big Difference In Your Food

Add a little more salt or a squeeze of calamansi to add more flavor and heighten flavors.
If you just made a dish and feel it doesn't taste as delicious as it can, you may need to add more salt. Or maybe a splash of vinegar or even calamansi and lemon juice can save the dish, too.   Salt just isn’t ...

What to Do When Your Dish Becomes Too Salty? Here's How to Save It

You can still save a salty home-cooked dish!
Oops! Looks like you’ve placed way too many pinches of salt into your beef stew—how is anyone going to eat it now? Believe it or not, you can still save it! Try making small adjustments using handy pantry staples and simple techniques. ...

Grilled Bangus with Corn and Salted Egg Salad

Here’s a Pinoy favorite that will definitely make you want to eat more than just one bowl of rice!
Here’s a Pinoy favorite that will definitely make you want to eat more than just one bowl of rice! ...

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Lemon + Salt in Your Kitchen

They’re so much more than just pantry staples!
Lemon and salt add zest and flavor to your dishes (plus lemon water is pretty awesome, too!), but did you know that these pantry staples can be used to keep your kitchen sparkly clean?1. They keep your chopping boards odor-free! Garlic, onions, ...

Ingredient Spotlight: Sea Salt

Plus, desserts you can make with this pantry staple!
Sea salt crystals are larger than that of table salt and have delicate salt flakes which are produced through evaporation of ocean water and little processing. They can be ground to sprinkle on meat or fish but sea salt can also be ...


These delightful rolls are best eaten warm and with jam or fruit butter.
These delightful rolls are best eaten warm and with jam or fruit butter. Why are they called popovers? They pop over the top of the pan while baking! ...
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