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Love Spicy Food? Irvins Now Has Spicy Salted-Egg Chips!

The bag doesn't say "HOT BOOM" for no reason!
Ah, Irvins Salted Egg Chips. Remember when you could only get bags of these beauties from Singapore, and you always had to ask a friend or relative who was traveling to get some for you? We can still recall the relief we ...

Irvins Apologizes For Dead Lizard Found With Salted Egg Fish Skin

Kudos to the brand for handling it so well!
Irvins is a famous Singaporean salted egg snack brand which distributes its snacks to Hong Kong and the Philippines. Their salted egg-flavored treats are undeniably a delicious snack we simply can’t get enough of–but with a side of deep-fried lizard? No, thanks.Jane Holloway shared her ...
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