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Have You Tried Salted Egg Powder? Here's What You Can Do with It

We found salted egg powder in a Chinese deli.
“You’re a lucky girl!” said the saleslady when I placed the packet on the check-out counter. “This runs out really fast.”The lady was referring to a small 100-peso plastic packet filled soft, yellow salted egg powder, made in-house in a small Chinese ...

Cook the Trend: How to Use Salted Eggs at Home

Plus, we have insider tips on where to find the best salted egg products in Manila.
The salted egg obsession in Manila is getting crazier by the day! If you pop into your favorite bakery or restaurant, don’t be surprised to see golden custards filled into buns and croissants or pasta and shrimp tossed in a flavorful egg ...

What to Cook This Week: Salted Egg Recipes

Cook your way into golden, luscious, salted egg perfection.
You have probably heard about the salted egg trend here and there, in both sweet and savory dishes, as you eat your way through Manila. Itlog na maalat has been a well-loved ingredient in Filipino cuisine for a long time now, and ...
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