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KFC's Salted Egg Yolk Fried Chicken is Here!

It’s spicy, savory, and buttery!
KFC has a knack for riding on food trends and coming up with fun, seasonal menu items (sisig rice bowls, anyone?). Last March, KFC ran a pilot test-run on salted egg fried chicken for a few days which we, unfortunately, couldn’t get ...

Singapore's Popular Salted Egg Potato Chips Are Coming to Manila!

Here’s where to get an exclusive first taste of these chips.
When it comes to salted egg potato chips, Singapore definitely holds the gold standard—that’s where this whole crazy trend started!Luckily for everyone in Manila, one of Singapore’s most popular salted egg potato chip brands will very soon be available for weekend binge-eating!The ...

Have You Tried Salted Egg Powder? Here's What You Can Do with It

We found salted egg powder in a Chinese deli.
“You’re a lucky girl!” said the saleslady when I placed the packet on the check-out counter. “This runs out really fast.”The lady was referring to a small 100-peso plastic packet filled soft, yellow salted egg powder, made in-house in a small Chinese ...

Did You Get to Try KFC's Salted Egg Fried Chicken?

Crunchy chicken coated in a layer of luscious salted egg yolk sauce sounds delicious!
Just when we thought the salted egg yolk trend in Manila was slowly trickling away, KFC slings out one of their newest seasonal, creative menu items: salted egg fried chicken. Their salted egg fried chicken was available for a pilot test-run in selected branches only: ...

This Siopao Is Filled with Creamy, Dreamy Salted Egg Custard

Sink your teeth into this salted egg treat!
Are salted egg custard buns one of your favorite treats to snack on, too? There is no need to book a table at your favourite Chinese restaurant or wait in line at notable dim sum restaurants anymore: you can find these sweet ...

Feast on Ice Cream and Pay It Forward

You have to try their salted egg ice cream!
You don’t always need an excuse for ice cream but did you know that you can help local farmers and community partners with every ice cream cup (or cone!) you buy? Karabella Dairy Products makes ice cream from 100% carabao milk and ...

WATCH: 3 Drool-Worthy Salted Egg Dishes

Get creative in the kitchen! You can make both savory and sweet dishes with salted egg.
The salted egg craze in Manila is bigger than ever. We’ve seen them in many of our favorite comfort food dishes: pasta, potato chips, croissants, and ice cream.With over-the-top demand for a flavor that is well-loved by Filipinos, food establishments can easily ...

Cook the Trend: How to Use Salted Eggs at Home

Plus, we have insider tips on where to find the best salted egg products in Manila.
The salted egg obsession in Manila is getting crazier by the day! If you pop into your favorite bakery or restaurant, don’t be surprised to see golden custards filled into buns and croissants or pasta and shrimp tossed in a flavorful egg ...

10 Questions About the Salted Egg Craze

We are seeing this ingredient in everything from croissants to potato chips!
Salted egg in everything—from potato chips, chicken wings to desserts—is a food trend we predict that we'll be seeing for awhile. Here are a few answers to your questions about this tasty trend:1  What is a salted egg?It is a duck egg ...
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