Singapore's Popular Salted Egg Potato Chips Are Coming to Manila!

Here’s where to get an exclusive first taste of these chips.

Prawns with Salted Egg Sauce Recipe

Load up on just-cooked rice when eating this dish!

Salted Egg Carbonara

Give the classic Italian dish a local twist! The soft, creamy texture of salted eggs goes perfectly with the sauce.

Baked Mussels with Salted Egg Cream Sauce

In this mouthwatering appetizer, salted egg complements the mussels’ briny flavor.

Salted Egg-Crusted Pork Ribs

Make fried ribs extra tasty by coating them in a sumptuous salted egg-flavored batter!

Grilled Bangus with Corn and Salted Egg Salad

Here’s a Pinoy favorite that will definitely make you want to eat more than just one bowl of rice!

Tinapa Rice Recipe

Any of the fish varieties works with this, but the galunggong or bangus will give you less fish bones to handle.

Tinapa Mango Salad Recipe

This salad showcases the wonderful Pinoy flavors of smoky tinapa, sweet mangoes, and salted egg.

10 Questions About the Salted Egg Craze

We are seeing this ingredient in everything from croissants to potato chips!

Food Trends That We're Munching On This Week

Have you tried these food trends in Manila yet?

Cook the Trend: How to Use Salted Eggs at Home

Plus, we have insider tips on where to find the best salted egg products in Manila.

WATCH: 3 Drool-Worthy Salted Egg Dishes

Get creative in the kitchen! You can make both savory and sweet dishes with salted egg.

Feast on Ice Cream and Pay It Forward

You have to try their salted egg ice cream!

Tapa, Pako, and Salted Egg Salad

This salad recipe is packed with Filipino favorites: tapa, pako (seaweed), and salted egg salad.

Food Trends That Filled Our Bellies in 2016

Trends come and go, but which ones are keepers? We’re listing down the food trends we fell in love with this year!

Fried Chicken Fingers with Salted Egg Dip Recipe

These fried chicken fingers are even better with creamy salted egg dip!
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