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No-Cook Ham and Cheese Palaman Recipe

Mix these ingredients together for a tastier sandwich spread.
Ham and cheese is a combination that is an instant hit! From a simple placing of a slice each of ham and cheese between bread slices, you can amp up the flavor by adding more to the mix. Here, ham is chopped up and the cheese ...

Make Merienda With These Easy Palaman Recipes

You don't need much time to make these delicious spreads.
Palaman or sandwich spreads are not meant to be hard to make! In fact, sandwich spreads are mostly no-cook recipes since the meats are either already cooked or canned and ready to eat. From canned tuna to leftover roasted chicken that you either slice or shred, ...

No-Cook Homemade Tuna Cheese Spread Recipe

You can make this easy spread better, tastier at home.
There's no reason to grab the ready-made version of a tuna cheese spread when you can make a better, tastier version at home using a few simple ingredients that you don't even have to cook. That's one of the best reasons why this is ...

Creamy Tuna And Cucumber Sandwich Spread Recipe

This easy tuna palaman is a fast and easy sandwich filling.
This no-cook creamy palaman recipe is made with canned tuna and mayonnaise stuffed into bread slices with cucumbers. It's perfect for days you just need something light and tasty and definitely easy to put together to satisfy those hunger pangs quickly.   ...

Patani Hummus Recipe

This Filipino version of hummus is surprisingly sweet and nutty in flavor.
This Filipino version of hummus is surprisingly sweet and nutty in flavor. Spread it on your favorite crackers for an instant appetizer or snack! ...
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