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This Kani Maki Is Made With Biko Instead Of Japanese Rice

Give this unique snack a try!
If you love kakanin, there are all kinds of fun twists to the classic Pinoy treat like puto stuffed with ulam, maja blanca doughnuts, flavored palitaw, and even entire platters filled with a variety of rice-based desserts that you can get delivered. Here's another ...

Serious Kakanin Fans Need To Try This Biko And Sapin-Sapin

Order for the weekend ASAP.
Most of us grew up trying at least one kind of kakanin or rice cake: The puto or the pichi-pichi that came from the store, the colorful and layered sapin-sapin at family celebrations, or even the biko your grandparents made at home. ...

This New Leche Flan Torte Is Inspired By The Classic Sapin-Sapin

This is not a drill: this local creamery now delivers!
Sebastian’s Ice Cream never fails to stay on top of its game with its creative ice cream flavors and unique desserts. Case in point: the leche flan torte which comes in ube and avocado flavors. Now, Sebastian's created a new leche flan torte inspired by a ...

These Sapin-Sapin Rolls Have Flavors Of Ube, Macapuno, And Langka!

It's topped with a creamy latik.
Any guide to Filipino kakanin will always include the colorful sapin-sapin, a tri-colored rice cake that is commonly made with a layer each of an opaque white, purple, reddish-orange chewy rice cake and then topped with crunchy latik. Puto Filipino puts a spin ...

Celebrate Buwan Ng Wika With A Customized Bilao Of Kakanin

You can request for a different design, too!
A bilao of kakanin is often present in every Filipino handaan, but it never fails to make an appearance during the celebration of Buwan Ng Wika (National Language Month). If you’re looking for an extra festive bilao of kakani, Dolor’s Kakanin offers a bilao of ...

WATCH: Different Types of Pinoy Kakanin

Which one is your favorite?
BikoBiko is a chewy and sweet rice cake. Top it with lots of toasted latik.Puto BumbongPuto bumbong is cooked in bamboo tubes and is usually served during the holidays. Enjoy it with freshly grated coconut, butter, and muscovado sugar.Sapin-SapinThis sticky rice treat ...

You Can Make Kutsinta With Powdered Mix + Water? We Tried These Boxed Mixes!

Plus, our takes on bibingka, sapin-sapin, and puto made from boxed mixes!
We love our kakanin, native delicacies made from rice flour, root vegetables, coconut meat, and glutinous rice, but they're not always the most accessible treats to find in the city.Boxed kakanin mixes are actually available in most groceries (find them near the ...

Sapin Sapin Is The Classic No-Bake Recipe You Should Try

Each layer of this Filipino delicacy has a different flavor!
Sapin-sapin is a Filipino native delicacy made with a base mixture of glutinous rice flour and coconut milk. Each layer of this colorful rice cake is packed with a different flavor, from ube to jackfruit. Three batches are made and steamed in ...

Sapin-Sapin Cups Recipe

These individual cups make a colorful spread!
These individual cups make a colorful spread! ...

The Guide To Kakanin

Dig into the Philippines’ most celebrated native delicacies.
The “kakanin” —in all its mouth-watering forms—is not just a local delicacy meant to boast the versatility of the Filipinos’ staple food, rice or “kanin” (from which the term itself is derived). It is an essential slice of the Philippines’ rich food culture; ...

8 Pinoy Kakanin Recipes You Need to Bookmark

Never thought you could make these well-loved delicacies at home?
.Traditionally made with rice, coconut, root vegetables, or coconut milk, the Pinoy kakanin is an important part of the Filipino culinary experience. Served at family gatherings and parties, these are well-loved snacks or desserts you can also easily make at home: Tibok-tibokPro ...

Sapin-Sapin Recipe

Layers of white, yellow, and violet come together to create a harmony of flavors.
Layers of white, yellow, and violet come together to create a harmony of flavors. Serve this classic kakanin recipe with budbod or latik on the side for even more deliciousness. ...
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