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You Can Get Kaldereta-Filled Empanadas From This Pinoy Restaurant

They also have kansi empanadas, too.
We all love pairing the kaldereta with a plateful of fluffy white rice that soaks up all the tangy tomato sauce, but who’s to say we can’t eat it for merienda, too? SARSA Kitchen + Bar is now offering snackable kaldereta and kansi that ...

Sarsa's Batchoy Kit Is Just What You Need On A Cold, Rainy Day

And yep, it's available for delivery!
So maybe you’ve tried one of those ramen kits—why not try something a little more local, for a change? Sarsa Kitchen+Bar is offering a selection of their famous dishes for delivery, one of which is the Batchoy (P680/serves three to four). It ...

Sinigang + Chicken Wings? You Should Try These!

This is genius!
While many may not see the point of having Filipino home-style food outside one's house—after all, what can they whip up that your mom can't do better? Some restaurants make a strong case for it. For one, there's Sarsa Kitchen + Bar, ...
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