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These Fruity Frozen Yakult Desserts Are What You Need This Summer

These will be available beginning March 1.
Summer is just around the corner and Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s latest frozen desserts are here to make the long hot days more bearable. The Fruity Froya series will be available beginning March 1, Monday and the yogurt-like tart flavors are a great ...

This Pie Has Avocado Ice Cream And A Layer Of Leche Flan!

This is what dessert dreams are made of.
Just when we thought Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s Ube Leche Flan Torte couldn’t get any better, Sebastian's created yet another new equally delicious ice cream creation. Meet the Avocado Leche Flan Torte.This new take on Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s torte is made with rich avocado ice ...

This Treat Combines Cold-Brew Coffee and Ice Cream in One Bite

Get ready for a bit of a buzz.
Coffee and ice cream actually go super well together—it's why affogato is such a hit. While affogato is ice cream with espresso poured all over it, Sebastian's Ice Cream found a way to combine the two in a new way through their ...

The Delicious Journey of Sebastian's Ice Cream

Trends come and go, but Sebastian's Ice Cream is here to stay.
In college, while his classmates were trying to survive the chaos of making ice cream inside the chemistry laboratory, Ian Carandang—perpetually ahead of the pack—was already doing it as a hobby. Today, he continues to impress with new, fresh flavors, including last ...

Fall In Love With This Super Cheesy Ice Cream

You've never had cheese ice cream this good.
This Valentines season, Sebastian’s Ice Cream, is bringing back some of your favorite ice cream flavors! Their most shocking flavor, one that he's resurrected from past Valentines seasons is Unresolved Issues (P100), an amapalaya-flavored sorbet. This refreshing sorbet will restore your faith in ampalaya. This ...

This Rainbow Grilled Cheese Could Be the Prettiest Sandwich You'll Ever Eat

Would you try this?
If you think grilled cheese is the greatest invention ever, well, you're not wrong—it's pretty hard to beat a buttery sandwich stuffed with melted cheese that's just warm comfort in every bite. But if you think grilled-cheese sandwiches couldn't get any better, ...

Would You Try Taho-Flavored Milkshake?

It's really thick and creamy.
Taho has come a long way from the humble morning snack, with many creating their own versions of this classic. Sebastian's Ice Cream is always coming up with new and exciting ways to reinvent your favorite Filipino treats into ice-cream concoctions, like ...
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