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You Can Now Find Mochi Ice Cream In Convenience Stores

A quick fix to your craving.
Mochi is a Japanese glutinous rice cake. Sometimes, mochi is used to wrap a ball of ice cream transforming this humble rice cake into a summer dessert. Mochi ice cream isn't as widely available in the Philippines compared to popsicles and ice ...

You Have To Try Cornetto's New Winter Melon Milk Tea Flavor!

Are you a winter melon milk tea fan?
There’s just no running out of creative ideas when it comes to milk tea–there’s milk tea pancakes, milk tea cheesecake, and milk tea popsicles. If you still can't get enough of this food trend, you should try the new Cornetto ice cream in ...

These Ice Cream Flavors Will Make You More Excited For Christmas!

Tis' the season for festive food!
The Christmas season is upon us and if you love the holidays, these ice cream flavors are sure to get you more excited. Selecta came out with their new, limited-edition Christmas ice cream! Choose from Ube Salted Egg con Quezo which has your favorite, nostalgic ...
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