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Ifugao Farmers Forced To Dispose Tons Of Carrots Due To Oversupply

There is an oversupply of lettuce and strawberries, too.
Farmers from Ifugao disposed of their freshly-harvested carrots as they struggle to sell their produce to buyers due to oversupply.In a Facebook post by agribusiness platform Tagani, it says, "Amid the Luzon lockdown, carrots were forcedly disposed by farmers from Ifugao. They were not ...

Duterte Orders Suspension On Rice Importation; He Says To Prioritize Local Farmers

Let's support our local farmers!
President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the suspension of rice importation. GMA News confirms this news in an exclusive interview they had with the president, where he mentions that the next step of the government is to purchase local rice to help our farmers out.It ...

Here's How You Can Donate Relief Goods To Mindanao's Earthquake Victims

Every donation counts!
In October 2019, parts of Mindanao have gone through three huge earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.3, 6.6, and 6.5, respectively. It was reported that there were 6 people who died, hundreds injured, and thousands of people needed to be evacuated. If ...

This Lady Bought Rice Through An App And The Farmers Wrote Her Back

'I just bought rice, and here I am being thanked like I moved mountains.'
The Philippines is one of the last countries in Asia that has yet to fulfill any meaningful agrarian reform, ultimately failing to unshackle farmers from their bondage to the soil. Farmers are even forced to sell crops to traders at measly prices, ...

Session Groceries Raised 1.2 Million Pesos To Help Pinoy Rice Farmers

The second batch of pre-order is in the works!
Last September 13, Session Groceries opened the first pre-order for locally-sourced rice from Filipino farmers via the Session Groceries app. This initiative was sparked by the negative effects of the Rice Tarrification Law, wherein Filipino farmers experience stiff competition with rice importers ...

Session Groceries Wants You To Help Our Local Rice Farmers

Here’s an easy way YOU can help them out.
The Rice Tariffication Law (RTL) is the “act of liberalizing the importation, exportation, and trading of rice, lifting for the purpose of the quantitative import restriction on rice.” The RTL doesn’t limit the number of importers to bring in rice, but an ...

This Is How We Can Help Our Local Farmers!

Support local!
It’s no secret that our local farmers get the shorter end of the stick. Did you know that last year there we had a tomato surplus? This resulted to the farmers from Kalayaan, Laguna throwing away almost P4 million-worth of red, juicy ...

Get Your Fresh Fruits And Veggies At Half The Price (Or More!) At Session Groceries

Good food doesn’t have to come at an extraordinarily high price.
There’s nothing like fresh fruits and veggies—especially when they’re from Baguio. The crunch, the flavor—all of it tastes and feels different, as though the fruits and veggies had just been plucked out of the earth, still teeming with life.We find it miraculous ...

You Can Now Order Baguio's Strawberries From This Online Grocery

Plus, you can help the Benguet farmers with their surplus of veggies and fruits!
According to Rappler, there was a recent surplus of fresh produce in Benguet that led the highland farmers to throw away sacks of fruits and vegetables on the streets, while some just left them to rot and decay. Good news: there's a ...
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