Nutrition News: Potato

Potatoes can provide good vitamins--be it boiled, fried, or baked.

Vanessa Chong

Amazing Racer Vanessa Chong shares with us her food faves!

Thai Marinade Recipe

Dip shrimp, chicken, or pork in this tangy, creamy Asian marinade.

T-Bone Steak with Cilantro-Jalapeno Butter Recipe

Instead of serving it with the usual gravy, try topping it with a mild-flavored butter to add just a hint of spice.

Stir-fried Rice Noodles with Pork and Basil Recipe

The key ingredient for this dish are the shallots, basil, and the sauce.

Smoked Salmon and Capers Boursin

For Noche Buena appetizer, top crisp crostini with this classic salmon-dill spread.

Dulong in Olive Oil

Use it as a starter, a spread, or a dip. It's a yummy way to add local flavor.

Grilled Pampano with Herbed Fried Rice

It is best to use day-old rice for any fried rice recipe.

Ampalaya-Shrimp Salad

Best with: Grilled spareribs, Pinoy stews like kaldereta.

Salsa Monja

The earliest account of Salsa Monja (Nun's Sauce) is from the 16th century, when it was prepared priests as an appetizer.

Estofadong Pata Recipe

Estofado is served with speared fried camote and bread.

One-Pan Roast Chicken and Vegetables

Roasting vegetables along with chicken cuts down on cooking time.

Chicken in a Basket

Out with the grease and in with this homemade garlicky flavor.

Chiang Mai Egg Noodle Curry with Chicken

This classic Thai dish is creamy, spicy and packed with tasty bits of veggies to nibble on.

Chicken Burgers

These burgers are so tender and juicy, they can hold their own against beef burgers.
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