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This Shop Has Shawarma Nachos, Falafel Burgers + Other Tasty Lebanese Treats

They have lots of vegetarian options, too!
If you're a fan of shawarma, you may have tried the trendy quarantine dish shawarma bake, which is an offshoot of the famous sushi bake. There are many spots in Manila where you can order it if you're in the mood for a ...

LIST: Where To Order Baked Shawarma For Delivery In Manila

You can eat it with rice or pita bread!
The popularity of quarantine-famous food tray sushi bake has brought about a flurry of takes and twists on the treat from home bakers everywhere including dishes like SPAM bake, kaldereta bake, sisig bake, and perhaps the most popular of the post-sushi bake variations: ...

You Can Now Order Baked Shawarma From Food Channel

You can get a tray big enough for the whole family!
The popularity of sushi bake amidst quarantine in Metro Manila has led to the rise of other unique baked food trays like samgyup bake, SPAM bake, and shawarma bake. Shawarma is one of those foods that can be enjoyed whether in a ...

Move Over, Sushi Bake: Shawarma Bake Could Be The New Quarantine Food Trend

Instead of nori sheets, you scoop the meat and veggies into pita bread!
Sushi bake is currently one of Metro Manila's biggest food obsessions amidst the quarantine. The unique dish is basically a deconstructed version of sushi that's baked in a pan or casserole and served with nori sheets. It's eaten by taking a spoonful of ...

WATCH: How to Make Beef Shawarma Rice

This is one hearty meal!
Beef shawarma is Arabic in origin but there are several versions in different countries. It is usually made with thinly-sliced meat and veggies, hugged by pita bread or flatbread. This version consists of beef shawarma served on top of steamed rice instead ...

You'll Want To Grab And Get Food From This Mediterranean Food Stall

Shawa Wama serves up delicious hummus, falafels, and more starting April 4!
Moment Group's newest food concept, Shawa Wama, will be serving up delicious Eastern Mediterranean food starting tomorrow April 4, Wednesday, at the Power Plant Mall in Makati City.The first branch of this new concept is a takeout stall where you will be able ...

Chicken Shawarma Recipe

This hearty wrap is best enjoyed with mango-garlic sauce. You’ll love the sweet-savory combo for sure!
This hearty wrap is best enjoyed with mango-garlic sauce. You’ll love the sweet-savory combo for sure! ...

Chicken Shawarma Salad Recipe

Dress up your salad with a tasty garlic sauce.
Try this shawarma recipe: turn your salad into a full meal but including chunks of chicken shawarma into it. The garlic sauce also serves as a tasty salad dressing. ...

Beef Shawarma Rice Recipe

Turn the popular beef wrap into a hefty rice bowl.
This rice bowl recipe makes for a complete meal on its own. You may also pair it with grilled veggies for a Mediterranean-inspired dinner. ...

Grilled Chicken Shawarma

Satisfy your shawarma craving with this easy recipe!
Satisfy your shawarma craving with this easy recipe! ...
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