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You Can Now Order Baked Shawarma From Food Channel

You can get a tray big enough for the whole family!
The popularity of sushi bake amidst quarantine in Metro Manila has led to the rise of other unique baked food trays like samgyup bake, SPAM bake, and shawarma bake. Shawarma is one of those foods that can be enjoyed whether in a ...

WATCH: Different Versions Of Sushi Bake You Should Know About

Switch it up!
By now, everyone must have heard of the sushi bake. This quarantine food trend is a deconstructed sushi that’s typically made with a layer of fluffy Japanese rice, creamy mixture of shredded fish or crab sticks and Japanese mayonnaise, and then topped with ebiko ...

Move Over, Sushi Bake: Shawarma Bake Could Be The New Quarantine Food Trend

Instead of nori sheets, you scoop the meat and veggies into pita bread!
Sushi bake is currently one of Metro Manila's biggest food obsessions amidst the quarantine. The unique dish is basically a deconstructed version of sushi that's baked in a pan or casserole and served with nori sheets. It's eaten by taking a spoonful of ...
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