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Food Storage Guide: How Long Should You Keep Food?

Is it safe to keep or time to toss? Make sure the food you’re eating is safe with our handy guide.
Food accounts for a good chunk of the monthly household budget. Unfortunately, we still make mistakes when it comes to buying and storing food items properly. Make sure you’re eating safe food with our handy guide:ALSO READ:Text and tips by Jing Lejano ...

Try These Nifty Tricks: Make Your Herbs Last Longer!

Here are handy hints for handling herbs.
Got extra herbs? Save them for your next recipe! We school you on three ways to preserve them (click the slideshow!). RELATED articles: Thinking of being an herb grower?, Know Your HerbsPhotography by Enrico Gutierrez | Styling by Liezl Yap | Demonstration ...

How to Check If Your Baking Soda and Powder are Atill Active

Using old ingredients? Check if they're still good enough. Here's how
Using old ingredients when baking? Check FIRST if your baking soda and powder are still active. If they're not, your bread won't rise hence a failed recipe.  As with all ingredients, always check the expiry date.  Photography by Enrico Gutierrez | Text, ...

Make Sure You Have These Food Items to Prepare For Emergencies

Is your pantry stocked for an emergency? Make sure you have these in your kitchen.
Natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather are commonplace in the Philippines due to our geography and location. They often come without warning which makes stocking up on vital non-perishable foods very important. According to Florinda V. Panlilio, Nutritionist-Dietician Level IV ...

Proper Food Storage: Throw-it, Keep-it Guide

Cook and eat safely with this shelf-life guide to common pantry and refrigerator items.
Ideally, your pantry should be dark and dry, and with a maximum temperature of 21ºC, according to Peggy Van Laanen, extension nutrition specialist at Texas A&M University. Keep appliances, especially those that generate heat, away from your food cabinets. Although most of ...
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