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How To Bake Tahong + More Tips You Should Know

Here are tips on how to prepare and bake tahong easily.
Tahong or the Asian green mussels are easy to prepare and bake for cheesy tahong. These local shellfish are fabulous as the food pairing for your ice-cold drinks with friends, but these baked tahong aren't just fit to be appetizers. It's a delicious dish ...

Clam Tinola Recipe

Halaan makes a great substitute for tahong.
If you love clams, you can try this soup recipe and it is best for rainy season.  ...

WATCH: This Is How You Make A Creamy Halaan at Tahong Recipe

Upgrade your classic clam and mussel recipe to this creamy version.
There's nothing wrong with the classic way of cooking your clams and mussels. The tinolang tahong recipe is a favorite dish for a reason! That doesn't mean that you can't improve upon this recipe. What's so great about a simple recipe such as this 5-ingredient tinolang tahong recipe ...

4 Delicious Ways To Cook Tahong

Tahong, or mussels, are so easy to cook, you can do it differently every time.
Tahong, or the Asian green mussel, are a delicious shellfish that is one of the more affordable bundles you can get at your local palengke or supermarket. It's plentiful when available, and best of all, it makes a great meal. If you love tahong, just always ...

Tahong Recipe with Crunchy Garlic

Get the freshest tahong that you can find to make these crunchy appetizer!
This seafood dish is the perfect party appetizer! It uses our green mussels, or tahong, as the main ingredient and it's plain delicious. The trick to cooking tahong and making it into appetizers like these is to cook the shellfish at the last minute before stuffing it ...
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