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Braised Beef Bulalo With Chorizo And Mushrooms Recipe

Bold flavors from the chorizo and shiitake join this hearty bulalo dish.
Beef bulalo is usually a soup dish with simmered cabbage and pechay, sometimes with potatoes and sitaw to make it even heartier with more vegetables. While this is a comforting and already delicious meal, there are more ways to cook bulalo than just cooking it ...

Chinese-Style Pork Adobo Recipe

This Chinese version of the Pinoy adobo is sweet and savory at the same time.
There's no reason to fiddle with the classic adobo recipe, but this Chinese version of the adobo, a sweet-savory combo, can be just as nostalgic as the salty-savory version. Star anise, shiitake mushrooms, and a little sweetness transform the flavor of this dish but in ...

Shiitake Mushroom Burger

This burger is high in good carbs, fiber, and protein while being low in fat.
It's high in good carbs, fiber, and protein but also low in fat—yes, we’re talking about this burger! Make and share this healthy veggie Shiitake Mushroom Burger. Sandwich each patty in a bun with a slice of cheese, arugula leaves, onion rings, ...

Three-Mushroom Pasta Recipe

You may also place the creamy mushroom mixture on rice and make baked rice!
Another yummy idea: Place the creamy mushroom mixture on rice and make baked rice! Top the creamed rice with mozzarella cheese and broil until the cheese melts. Serve this easy-to-make Three Mushroom Pasta recipe in three simple steps! ...
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