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Grocery Shopping For The First Time? We Have Tips For Buying Meat, Veggies, And Fruits

These are the shopping tips you need to know.
Not everyone has grocery deliveries available to them during this time. If you are the designated shopper during the quarantine, you have a big responsibility to fulfill. You may have heard tales of those who didn't get their grocery shopping done properly because they didn't know or ...

Here's Why You Should Cook With Chicken Thighs More Often

Chicken thighs are the juiciest, most flavorful part of the chicken.
Drop by the meat section of your supermarket, and you'll see a sight you wouldn't have seen a decade ago: chicken pieces being sold by the kilo. Back then, only whole chickens were usually butchered as requested.That's why shopping for ingredients is so much easier now. The ...

We Found These 6 Great Kitchen Items Under P1,500 at the Lazada Sale

Get ready to start holiday shopping!
Everybody loves a good deal and there’s no better time to start shopping for gifts or investing in new kitchen items than when there’s a big sale. We checked out the deals over at Lazada and found a few items we’d love ...

Looking for Asian Black Vinegar or Japanese Mirin? They're in Your Grocery's International Aisle

You’ll find all kinds of flavors in the international aisle of your grocery.
You probably already have a go-to grocery store—one where the butchers know what cut of meat you’re about to order or where the produce personnel sneakily tells you that a fresh box of kamote just arrived. While you may be very familiar ...

This Dinnerware Set Makes Us Want to Go Shopping ASAP

We're loving the gray, white, and black palette!
H&M just launched a new dinnerware series and it makes us want to go shopping ASAP: think matte plates in gray, white, and black. If you think it’s time to put away boring porcelain plates, these new additions to your kitchen and ...

Our Best Tips for Cooking on a Budget

Save money by shopping and cooking smart.
It's not a myth: you can cook delicious, nutritious meals in your own kitchen, and do it on a budget! We have tips on where to shop, how to take care of your produce, and what leftovers you can use to make ...

Looking For Beautiful Tableware? We Show You Where To Go

In search for dinnerware for your home? We rounded up 6 stores for the perfect set of tableware for you.
.Sourcing for tableware? We show you where to go for affordable finds, one-of-a-kind items, and practical pieces: SM HomeYou don't have to search that far for good dining ware because SM Home has one for every budget and style. Items are slightly ...

Exploring Legazpi Sunday Market

Once a week, this parking lot inside Legazpi Village becomes a destination for the city's foodies
Legazpi Sunday MarketLegazpi corner Rufino (formerly Herrera) Streets Legazpi Village Makati CityMarket hours: 7:00 AM to 2:00 P.M.Tel. Nos. 8933811, 4250851 (look for Maan) For information and updates, please visit their website or follow them on  Facebook.On Sundays, when Makati’s central business ...
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