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How To Cook Pork Binagoongan In Several Ways

Bagoong or shrimp paste is the secret ingredient in these recipes.
Bagoong alamang, or shrimp paste, is one of those ingredients that make a big impact when added to a dish. Its flavor is potent enough to take over the entire dish. Add enough of this notoriously pungent condiment and instantly make it a ...

Use Bagoong Instead Of Salt For These Recipes

Salty, fermented, and addictive, this paste is a great substitute for plain salt.
One of the most distinctive ingredients in a Filipino kitchen has to be bagoong. Salty, fermented, and addictive, bagoong or shrimp paste is a great substitute for plain salt. This ingredient is so flavorful, aromatic, and just a little of this paste goes a ...

Easy Chicken Binagoongan Recipe

Make your favorite bagoong dish even easier to cook.
Binagoongan recipes are one of the faster stews to cook since it uses small pork strips. However, there is a cooking trick you can do to speed up the cooking process even further: use chicken.  By using chicken, and in this case, chicken breast fillets ...

WATCH: This Bagoong Rice Recipe Is What You Need For A Flavorful Meal

Bagoong, or shrimp paste, is the ingredient you need to make your ordinary fried rice into a full-flavored meal.
We love garlic rice but when it's made tastier with bagoong or shrimp paste and topped with loads of toppings, it makes for a really flavorful meal. Use your favorite variant of bagoong, serve with leftover adobo pieces, and top with your preferred sides and ...

WATCH: How to Make Pork Binagoongan

This savory Filipino pork stew is easy to make!
Saute and stew pork in shrimp paste with tomatoes to make this tangy savory-salty Filipino favorite! Season according to taste and serve with lots rice! PORK BINAGOONGAN RECIPE 2 to 3 tablespoons oil 1 kilo pork belly, cut into 1-inch cubes1 small garlic, minced2 teaspoons ...

Pork Binagoongan sa Gata Recipe

Pork belly cooked in shrimp paste and coconut milk
The cooking time of this pork binagoongan sa gata dish is dependent on the size of the pork cubes—cut them smaller if you're pressed for minutes. Not into creamy stews? Skip the coconut cream.   ...
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