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For Your Japanese Food Craving: How To Cook Shrimp Tempura

Prepare the shrimp, the shrimp tempura batter, and the sauce with these tips!
Japanese food looks and sounds like it's easy to make at home but the truth is, making Japanese food takes more skill than having the ingredients.The shrimp tempura recipe is one of those deceptively easy-to-cook recipes but just like many Japanese recipes, skill or technique is ...

WATCH: How to Make Shrimp Tempura

You won't get enough of this crunchy tempura!
Tempura is a Japanese dish made of seafood or vegetables which are coated in batter and deep-fried. This shrimp tempura recipe makes it easy to recreate this Japanese dish at home. Remember to use ice-cold water when preparing the batter—it makes for a light ...
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