Sentro is unmistakably Filipino—from the native furniture to the fine-crafted tableware to the food.

Tips for baking brownies

Here are a few tips in baking your delicious brownies.

Weekend Menu: A Taste of Bicol

Sample and enjoy the wonderful flavors of Bicolano cuisine this weekend.

Slow-Roasted Beef Belly

Perhaps, chef J's most beautiful mistake--Cirkulo's Beef Belly.

Shop: Echostore

In here, every purchase comes with a good and worthy cause

Polka Dot Brownies

These polka dots bring in compliments from people.

Discovering Cream Dory

A glimpse into the journey of a Cream Dory from the harvest to your home


Head to this resto for a barkada blow out that's worth between P1000 to P1500!

Easy Potato Peeling

Here's an easy way to peel boiled potatoes.

Three steps to make onigiri at home

Serve your rice in a creative way. Here's how:

How to Make Easy Marinara Sauce

Here's your guide to prepare marinara sauce at home.

8 Thirst-Quenching Teas

Quench your thirst with something health-tea!

How to Remove Labels Using Vinegar

Make Mother Earth happy by practicing these eco-friendly habits in the kitchen.

Baking Essentials and Packaging

Stuff home bakers can't do without

Taxi Adventures and more!

The ideal grilled cheese sandwich, taxi gourmets and other yummy links this week.

For The Love Of Meat

7 easy recipes for the cooking newbie who loves meat.
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