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How To Painlessly Remove Chili From Your Fingers

Do any of these remedies to stop the chili burn.
Do your fingers tingle when you chop chili? Also known as chili burn, that's what happens when the chili oil from the siling labuyo transfer to your hands when chopping it up for your favorite spicy dishes. While preparing chili isn't deadly or dangerous, it ...

What's The Difference: Thai Chili Vs. Siling Labuyo

Both are called bird's eye chili but only one is the real siling labuyo.
Is it or is it not a siling labuyo? The general confusion between what is a siling labuyo is not entirely our fault. Labels that claim it's a siling labuyo are not totally wrong either. There are some chili peppers in other countries that are also ...

Gata + Siling Labuyo Makes These Spicy, Creamy Recipes

This combo is what makes these recipes so delicious!
Gata or coconut milk is a sweet, creamy ingredient that goes fabulously well when made spicy using bird's eye chili peppers or siling labuyo. This combo of creamy and spicy is a well-known flavor pairing in the Bicol area in Southern Luzon. It's ...

Spicy Nilagang Baka Recipe

You don't need any condiments with this nilaga recipe!
The nilagang baka is one of those recipes that is a tried and tested classic dish. It's a favorite especially those who love sipping flavorful soups before getting down to the meat. Some eat it in bowls of rice swimming in the ...

Bicol Express Pork Chops Recipe

Make your pork chops spicier, better with this delicious recipe upgrade.
Swap out the chunks of pork with this delicious upgrade to your pork chop meal! This pork chop meal is not your ordinary pork chop because of the intensely flavorful sauce that's poured on top!  The Bicol express dish is almost always associated with ...

Spicy Pork Congee Recipe

Congee or lugaw is made meatier, tastier using pork and siling labuyo.
Spice up your usual congee recipe with some spicy chili. Make it even more appetizing by using meaty pork instead of chicken to flavor the broth the rice will simmer in.Load this spicy congee full of toppings for a fantastic eating experience ...

Andok's New Spicy Fried Chicken Is Fiery Delicious!

The delicious dokito gets spicy, courtesy of the siling labuyo.
Andok's just launched their version of a spicy fried chicken, and it's delicious! You may know Andok's for its delicious litson manok or grilled rotisserie chicken. However, from its humble small roadside stall in Quezon City during the '80s to its locations spanning almost nationwide, Andok's has made a name for itself, not ...

WATCH: This Is The Sili-Loaded Bicol Express You Have Been Looking For

It's got so much sili in it, you won't need to travel to Bicol!
Bicol Express may just be one of the Bicol region's best dishes and it's super easy to make. Plus, the combination really is irresistible! It's incredibly creamy, it's loaded with chili peppers—both the milder siling pangsigang and the spicy but tiny siling labuyo—which ...

Here's How You Can Preserve Your Precious Siling Labuyo Stash

Satisfying your hot and spicy cravings just got real.
The price of the tiny but powerfully hot siling labuyo has sky-rocketed in the midst of inflation these days. If you have a stash, here’s what you can do to help preserve what little you have left now so you can continue to ...

Bicol Express Recipe

If you love spicy food, this is the chili-packed recipe to challenge you.
Looking for a recipe to prepare on a rainy night? Bring on the heat with this Bicol Express! It's a delicious gata recipe with coconut cream, chilies, vegetables, and pork that can change the way you love spicy food. Those from Bicol love the ...

WATCH: How to Make Sweet Labuyo Chili Sauce

This homemade chili sauce recipe definitely beats the store-bought kind!

The Homemade Siling Labuyo Ketchup That You Need in Your Life

Homemade, fresh, and proudly Filipino spicy ketchup is the condiment that you need in your pantry.
Step outside of (or for spicy lovers, right into) your comfort zone when it comes to condiments: Chili Asylum just released a new line of spicy ketchups!Chili-obsessed owner, Isi Laureano, makes everything from scratch herself using 100% local and sustainably-sourced Filipino produce. ...

Express Lane

Oh-so hungry? Here are 50 recipes ready in 10, 20, and 30.
EAT IN 10 MINUTES!1 Shred leftover roast chicken (or use chicken chunks in can) and mix with mayonnaise, curry powder, pickle relish, and pineapple tidbits. Season with salt, pepper, and sugar to taste. Add halved cherry tomatoes. Spoon on crusty bread. 2 ...
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